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About Us

What is CEdMA?

CEdMA (Computer Education Management Association) is the premier organization for training executives, managers, and professional on a management path within hardware and software companies. Through CEdMA you will gain access to the vast experience and resources provided by members who share a passion for providing high-quality training on technology products while running an efficient business unit. CEdMA includes over 250 members representing over 80 technology companies.

Who should join CEdMA?

  • Training Executives
    • VPs, Directors, Senior Managers, etc.
  • Training Managers
    • Delivery, Course Development, Education Sales, Education Marketing, Certification Program, Partner Program, etc.
  • Training Professionals on a Management Path
    • Senior Trainers, Senior Course Developers, Program Managers, etc.

Why should you join CEdMA?

  • To Advance Your Career
    • You were recently promoted into a training management position
    • You have a new management role within the organization that requires different skills/experience
    • You are vying for a training management role
    • You want access to Training Industry trends and benchmarking data
    • You yearn for networking opportunities which allow you to connect to other training professionals
  • To Increase Your Productivity
    • You want to save time and get faster results by learning from others who have faced identical challenges!
    • You want the ability to receive instant feedback on projects and ideas from training colleagues
    • You are launching a new training program and want to tap into the experience of other training managers in the industry
    • You want to attend the bi-annual conferences, to stay current on trends, learn from colleagues and spend a few days with professionals from other organizations that share your passions and pains.

What does CEdMA provide?

  • Professional development
  • Bi-annual conferences aimed specifically at the needs of training managers (both in-person and remote attendance supported)
  • Regular virtual Special Interest Group meetings (focused on areas such as curriculum development, certification, and training sales/marketing)
  • A social/collaborative web site that fosters networking, collaboration, and information sharing among members
  • Networking opportunities
  • Current training business data, metrics, benchmarks, and trends
  • An analysis tools that allow you to cross reference the data we collect against companies of similar size and type to your own
  • Monthly Newsletters highlighting industry developments and areas of interest
  • Ask the Members – A powerful way to reach out to our entire membership to get advice and learn from the collective experience of the organization
  • Goldmine – A searchable archive of all of our most popular assets from survey results, to conference presentations, to useful planning tools and newsletter articles
  • Job board – a members-only resource for sharing job opportunities.

How do I join CEdMA?

If you are an education management professional for a software or hardware manufacturer that delivers training on your products, you are welcome to join our association.

Our History

The Computer Education Management Association was founded in January 1991, when training development managers from Intel, Interactive, Hewlett Packard, Novell, Santa Cruz Operations, Sun Microsystems, and Wang Laboratories met to discuss the creation of a consortium that focused on the training needs in the computer industry. It was decided that the computer industry could benefit from an organization that would provide leadership and direction in establishing standards for training. Additional meetings were held to develop the charter and direction of the consortium. The founding members decided that as education managers, our companies were not competing for the same students and we could share the successes and failures of some of our programs. The group decided to concentrate our efforts on becoming a professional organization for the computer education manager. Hence the Computer Education Management Association (CEdMA) was formed.

In 2012 CEdMA celebrated its 20thanniversary. We are proud to say today that we still hold to the same core values; of non-competitive open sharing of ideas and providing valuable services to our members, as our founders originally envisioned

Our Vision

The premier professional organization for CEdMA members, committed to being the evolving repository of an extensive base of professional training experience, portraying a positive and productive image of our industry, while providing outstanding assistance to our members through mentoring, professional development and networking.

Our Mission

Be the most effective advocate for training management at all levels in the IT training industry as a vital component in promoting and advancing member companies' objectives:

  • By maximizing value to members through support and services essential to their professional development; and
  • By educating companies in our industry, member companies, members, and others on current and future IT training trends and issues.

Our Goals

  • Educate our member companies, members, and others on issues and trends pertaining to the technology Training industry.
  • Support CEdMA members through meetings, communications, publications, programs, products, and services.
  • Achieve a dynamic organizational environment for a proactive and expanding membership.
  • Ensure financial stability for the future.

Our By-Laws

To read the CEdMA By-laws, Board Roles, and Antitrust Guidelines, click the link below:

CEdMA By-Laws

Can you join us?

If you are an education management professional for a software or hardware manufacturer that delivers training on your products, you are certainly welcome to join our association.

We feel that we provide a niche opportunity to really understand the education business through the years of hard earned experience of your fellow CEdMA members. You can:

  • Grow your business
  • Have timely insight into the pulse of the technology training industry
  • Gain access to useful data points on industry benchmarks and standards
  • Gain access to a forum for colleagues to exchange data and ideas on education projects
  • Learn from others what it took to successfully drive specific types of education projects

Contact Us

If you fit our membership profile and think that you and your company could benefit from being a member, we would love to have you join us.   In fact, you are welcome to attend one of our bi-annual conferences as a guest (at standard pricing) to experience what CEdMA is all about for yourself.  There is no hard sell in these conferences: what you will see is an actual CEdMA conference with the current topics of discussion. After that you can decide if you would like to become a member of the organization. If you would like to further explore membership possibilities you can contact us. We very much look forward to answering any questions you may have! If you have any immediate questions or comments, please contact us now.

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