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Spring 2018 at the Crown Plaza, Foster City CA, Apr 17-18
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Location: Crowne Plaza, 1221 Chess Dr, Foster City, CA 94404

Day 1 – Tuesday, April 17th




8:00 – 8:25 AM

Breakfast & Arrivals

Oh, & plenty of coffee!

8:30 – 8:55

Welcome and Introductions

Pat Durante

CEdMA President, Senior Manager Training and Enablement, Synopsys

9:00 – 10:15 AM



Lights, Sound, Action: It’s Time for Adoption to Steal the Show!

We’ve all seen it. A company considers a new technology to solve a business problem, the sales team pitches a vision to solve it and closes a new opportunity, the services team partners to implement, and then the road to adoption begins. But what if that road doesn’t really begin or starts with urgency because of go-live but fizzles…out. We’ve got one unhappy customer on the loose. But wait?! Software as a Service (SaaS) changes a lot. SaaS success relies on high adoption and deep customer value to keep customers for life. Adoption is the key ingredient, and those in the education, training, knowledge management world are experts. You can be a game changer for your company! Attend CEdMA to hear more.

Speaker: Sarah Sedgman, Chief Customer Officer, Kinaxis


Moderator: Pat Durante, Senior Manager Training and Enablement, Synopsys

10:15 - 10:30 AM



10:30 - 11:30 AM

Session #1

Hope is not a strategy: maximizing long-term success with a robust 90-day learner journey

The first 90 days are critical to onboard and engage new customers. “If your new users are not loyal within the first 90 days, there is less than a 10 percent chance they ever will be,” ServiceSource indicates. McKinsey emphasizes that onboarding customers is the most important part of the customer journey, and Preact shares that the top cause of customer churn is poor onboarding.


In this session you learn a step-by-step process to guide customers through the critical first 90 days.

Speaker: Donna Weber, Principal, Springboard Solutions


Moderator: Dan Richardson, Director of Customer Education, Mercatus

11:30 – 12:30 PM

Networking Lunch


12:30 – 1:30 PM

Vendor Pavilion


1:30 – 2:30 PM

Session #2

A Customer Success Executive Perspective on the Role of Education Services

This panel discussion will provide a current perspective on the role of Education Services via a question and answer session with several VPs of Customer Success. As the software world pivots, more and more towards cloud and/or subscription-based sales, the metrics that matter to our executives are shifting as well. In the subscription economy, the customer is always in control and it is incumbent upon us (as their vendor) to continually showcase the value driven from their investment in our software. Once our businesses hit the tipping point where the renewal dollars are as large as or greater than the new and add-on dollars, it’s all about minimizing churn. It’s in this context that our esteemed panel is providing leadership and direction to their Education Services organization and aligning their goals and metrics to corporate objectives.


Panel Members:

· Bryan Busse – VP CS (Elastic)

· Brian Kocsy, Sr. Director Customer Success at DataStax

· Khalid Shaikh, Customer Learning Services, DataStax

  • Adam May, VP Services, ServiceRocket


Moderator: Pat Durante, CEdMA President, Senior Manager Training and Enablement, Synopsys

2:30 – 3:30 PM

Session #3


Best Practices to Setup and Run Tech Education Organizations to Positively Impact the Corporate Success - Key Findings of the CEdMA 2018 Business Survey

Education managers at all levels and topics are continuously under pressure to justify the performance of their teams and demonstrate their impact to the overall organization. How are education teams setup and perform in average in 2018, and what can we learn in terms of best practices, especially to drive corporate results like customer satisfaction, license sales or renewal rates.

The results of the CEdMA 2018 Business Survey will help to answer these questions in areas like business models, revenue & margins, sales, development, delivery, certification, education partnerships and correlation between corporate results and education.


Speaker: Dirk Braune, Director Education Offering Design and Development, BMC Software GmbH


Moderator: Pat Durante, CEdMA President, Senior Manager Training and Enablement, Synopsys

3:30-3:45 PM



3:45 – 4:45 PM

Session #4


Leverage Learning Paths to Support Your Education Services Strategy

Learn how BlackLine has leveraged learning paths to support various training programs to support a strategy that includes freemium and premium training for customers, partners and employees. This includes partner and customer certification programs, subscriptions and education consulting.

Speaker: Lynn Viduya, Sr. Director of Global Education Services at BlackLine & Veronica Ruff, Training Practice Manager at BlackLine


Moderator: Dan Richardson, Director of Customer Education, Mercatus

5:00 – 6:00 PM



6:00 PM+


Crowne Plaza Hotel, Live Entertainment


Day 2 Agenda – Wednesday, April 18th




8:00 – 8:25 AM

Breakfast & Networking


:30 – 9:30 AM

Session #1


Innovation Award: A 100% secure cloud-based certification model

Building a reputable certification program for a global audience is no small feat, and doing so in months, is not only ambitious but borderline crazy. At Okta, we brought a secure, highly available, nimble, cost-efficient, scalable certification program to market in four months. 100% cloud based -- no on-premises servers or onsite testing centers--- we develop and deliver certification exams with security as our guiding principle.IT professionals take Okta certification exams at any time and from anywhere. Join us and learn more about the solutions we implemented, challenges we overcame, and how the program has evolved over time.


Speaker: Kpayah Tamba, Director of Certification, Okta


Moderator: Donna Weber, Principal, Springboard Solutions

9:30 – 10:25 AM

Session #2


Keeping Pace in the Subscription World

A Case Study in how to build a scalable engine for content creation from “front-line experts”


Speaker: Alyce Gershenson, Manager of Knowledge Services, Talend


Moderator: Danielle Campbell, Head of Americas Digital Learning Services, Adobe & Natasa Koledin, Sr. Director, Pivotal Education


10:30 - 10:45 AM



10:45-11:10 AM

Mini-session #3a


Dynamic Partner Enablement Strategies


In the last 3-4 years at Kinaxis both our partner and knowledge services organizations were newly formed. We were moving from traditional small implementation partners to larger SI’s and we had a huge problem on how to train them on our solution. We had to build out a partner enablement model that would scale globally and quickly. Our initial programs were ILT boot camps while we built up infrastructure and content for a self-directed approach. In this session we will review how we achieved 56% reach in only 9 months with a new subscription-based model.


Speaker: Jillian Alexander, VP Knowledge Services & Delivery, Kinaxis


Moderator: Dirk Braune, Director Education Offering Design and Development, BMC Software GmbH

11:15 – 11:45 AM

Mini-session #3b


Certification: All Business, No Games?

In this session, Zarogina Azocar will discuss the use of gamification in a certification exam preparation setting.

She will share with us some tips on how to make gamification work and what to avoid when planning for a similar event on your program.


Speaker: Zarogina Azocar, Certification Program Manager, Alfresco


Moderator: Joe Cannata, Certification Director, Kinaxis

11:45 – 12:55 PM



1:00 – 1:55 PM

Session #4


Technology Case Study - Integrating Skilljar with Skytap VM’s at Alfresco - Managing Hands-on Labs


If your organization is using or considering using virtual machine (VM) environments for student hands-on labs, this session is for you.

In this session, Darryl will discuss the challenges Alfresco had with the provisioning process for student lab VMs, how they solved it by integrating their LMS (Skilljar) with their VM provider (Skytap) to provide a completely automated and self-managing integrated platform for students.


Objectives of Presentation (what are top takeaways for the audience):

What are common challenges that an education business can face with virtual lab environments

How Alfresco is solving these business challenges

How the technical implementation works


Speaker: Darryl Quinn, Director Global Education Services, Alfresco


Moderator: Bob Lucas, Sr. Manager Global Sales / SE Enablement, Infoblox

2:00 – 2:40 PM

Breakout 5a – Breakout Room


Business Topic #1


From model to market with subscription-based training

Half of all CEOs expect their industries to be transformed by digital technology, but only 16 percent of organizations believe they have the right talent in place to succeed in a digital era. More than ever, training is essential for organizations to thrive in this ecosystem, and demand for continuous training is quickly growing.


In this session, Milind Gurjar will share a real-world case study of how he led development of a subscription-based training model and then took it to market. He will walk attendees through the process of analysis, implementation and customer adoption using his own experience at Cisco as an example.


Speaker: Milind Gurjar, Sr Director of Customer Go-To-Market & Delivery for Learning, Cisco


Moderator: Ken Hirsohn, MIT

2:00 – 2:40 PM

Breakout 5b – Main Room


Business Topic #2


Emerging Trends in Education Services - New Roles, Accelerated Delivery

Similar to brick and mortar stores needing to innovate and evolve in order to survive in today's marketplace, the roles within Education teams have needed to adjust as learning functions strive to scale product adoption and influence renewals. It's not just instructors and course developers that comprise the landscape of today's Education Services teams.


In this session you will learn about:


•Conversions of roles and titles for Education Services staff

•Scaling your portfolio so it's easily consumable at various points in the customer journey

•Realizing faster time to market by leveraging your 'experts' community

•Supporting an 'all hands on deck' mindset for course creation


Be early or be late. If you're not making these changes, you may be missing the mark with your community


Speaker: Danielle Campbell, Head of Americas Digital Learning Services, Adobe & Natasa Koledin, Sr. Director, Pivotal Education


Moderator: Franz Obermeier, Sr Leader Global Learning Technology, PayPal

2:40 – 2:55 PM



3:00 – 3:40 PM

Breakout 6a – Breakout Room


Development & Delivery #1


Delivering a Successful Train-the-Trainer Model

The three pillars necessary in any successful train the trainer model: Center of Excellence and Value Realization Assessment are for the organizations; The Academy and Community programs are aimed at the success of the users.


In this session Khalid Shaikh will share a Case Study in how DataStax successfully delivered a train the trainer model to market.



Speaker: Khalid Shaikh, Head of Customer Education, DataStax


Moderator: Bonnie Willoughby, Director of World-Wide Training Services, Cadence Design Systems

3:00 – 3:40 PM

Breakout 6b – Main Room


Development & Delivery #2


Maximizing the Impact of Video


IMPORTANT: to see the embedded videos you MUST download this PDF first and then run the downloaded file.

PTC University has recently launched its new series of digital Learning Experiences to shift its traditional learning to a modern, project-based approach. This session will cover the transformation of PTC University’s video assets in the learning environment how those changes have improved the learners’ experience.


This session will actively engage the audience throughout the presentation to ensure relevancy. Specific topics include the following:


•When to use video in learning

•The video production process

•Getting the most out of your video assets

•Modern video technologies and their impacts on User Experience


Speaker: Ryan Kershner, Sr. Manager of PTC University User Experience


Moderator: Danielle Campbell, Head of Americas Digital Learning Services, Adobe

3:45 – 4:30

CEdMA Board Panel & Looking ahead to Babson!

Where customer education is headed and how to plan for the next 12-24 months.


Panel Members: Pat Durante, Donna Weber

Moderator: Dan Richardson, Director of Customer Education, Mercatus






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