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While CEdMA members enjoy meeting at conferences, and throwing questions back and forth through Ask the Members, some want to get the most information they can on specific topics. Our Groups give them that opportunity, with monthly meetings that give them an opportunity to work with others in that specialty and to learn the very latest best practices. 

So far the main activity has been confined to webinars in which members are invited and encouraged to participate in regular online meetings, usually scheduled around lunch hour. SIG members receive email invitations to SIG events.

As of June 2016, there are eight groups as follows.

Curriculum Design and Development

This SIG aims to compare best practices around training design and development, especially what are the Course Development metrics and KPIs relevant to a training organization and its business models:

1. What is new in the area of Course Development that will cut our time to market?

2. What are the KPIs relevant to Course Development that we can benchmark against?

3. How can you report those metrics, for example, in Dashboards?

4. How can you leverage the metrics, for example, what do these metrics tell you?

How can we as CEdMA collect metrics and KPIs and provide them in a structure to allow members to benchmark their own training team to similar organizations. Also, if we can adopt a CEdMA set of definitions, we could be consistent in all future DBRs.


This SIG discusses the issues facing education professionals responsible for their organization's high stakes certifications, which includes test development, scoring approaches and test security among many others.

E-Learning/Virtual Classroom

This SIG specializes in looking at E-learning, both asynchronous and synchronous, and all of its operational aspects, tools, best practices, and modalities.

Sales and Marketing

The overall goal of this SIG will be to exchange ideas about how Education teams should persuade people to do things that will help us meet our goals. What should we say to people--and how--to increase attendance, increase revenue, increase funding, increase margins, increase influence, etc.?

Some people say that everything we do is marketing, from choosing what classes we'll develop to measuring whether our offerings meet client needs. To focus this SIG, we'll concentrate (at least initially) on the following questions:

1. How should we market training? What are the key elements of a successful message about training? What communications are available and most effective? Is the Product/Price/Placement/Promotion model a useful way to structure our thinking about marketing training? How do we measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts?

2. How should we sell training? Through what channels? How should we motivate those channels? How do we enable those channels to sell well? How do we measure the effectiveness of our sales efforts?

Training Metrics and Benchmarking

Define key metrics and KPIs for training organizations:

1. Do we need to differentiate key metrics based on the business model (for example, profitable P&L versus Sale Enablement)?

2. Do we need to define different KPIs based on the recipients of the metrics (training team internal, versus. company executives versus customer/partner)?

How can we measure those KPI?

1. Where do we get the data?

2. Best practices - how to collect and calculate data

Can we build a regular survey for CEdMA to monitor and benchmark key KPIs/metrics between members?

1. Which questions do we need?

2. What do we need to do to provide business relevant statistics, graphs, so how should be the structure and tools to have an easy evaluation?

3. Can we build the survey that it allows easy benchmarking options, so members can compare their data to comparable other members?

Using Training Partners

This SIG reviews the role of Training Partners for reselling and delivery of training. Topics of interest include the partner selection criteria and the training, certification, and ongoing knowledge maintenance. Best practices and lessons learned around implementing a global training partner network will also be discussed.

Whether you are a veteran in managing the Training Partner relationship or simply want to learn about different models and approaches to leveraging partners, this will be a great forum to listen, learn and share.


Today, so many never-considered products and services are now available through subscription. This myriad has driven the definition of a subscription through rapid evolution in recent years and as a result the models, attributes and metrics that define, drive, and measure successful subscription businesses have coalesced and, through visionaries like Tien Tzou, have been rigorously refined and tested. The subscription model applied to training offers great benefit well beyond the financial and administrative. The purpose of this Special Interest Group is to leverage what is known of successful subscription models in general so that we may become The Thought Leader in Training as a Subscription. The activities will be:

  • Research:
    • Examine the models, attributes, and metrics of successful subscription businesses.
    • Determine which models, attributes, and metrics can be directly applied to Training as a subscription and which must be modified or eliminated and which, if any, are missing.
  • Hypothesis:
    • Define, publish and prescribe the models, attributes, and metrics for building a successful subscription training business.
  • Experiment:
    • Design a mechanism and process for training businesses and organizations to submit case studies resulting from using our prescription.
  • Analysis:
    • Design a process for analyzing the case studies and modifying the hypothesis.

Learning Technologies

The goals for the Learning Technology SIG are to:

Create a CEdMA members’ technology map of what applications members have in place for:

  • LMS
  • Virtual training platform
  • LCMS
  • Content development applications
  • Virtual lab exercise environment
  • Order processing / revenue management platform
  • Certification exam delivery platform
  • Social collaboration platform
  • Gamification engine
  • eBook providers/print providers
  • Credit card processing

Create a solutions library with information about each vendor/platform:

  • Description of each application
  • Recorded vendor presentation
  • Member submitted pros/cons for each application
  • Member experience stories about applications/vendors/implementation projects
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