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We all have questions, things that are important to us in the here and now, information we need to do our job. How can I effectively market e-learning? Do I have the right structure for my organization? Do I need to worry about VSOE? Which LMS might work best for me?

We all have our peer networks, a handful of individuals that we can call on with our questions. But what if you supersized that? What if you could tap into hundreds of education leaders? People in the top tiers of technical companies, large and small, who know the business and have been working through the same problems you're confronting now? How much of a difference could that make for you?

With CEdMA's "Ask the Members" service, you can direct questions out to the entire membership of CEdMA. And you're not just casting questions out to the ether, we have an eager and energetic membership that helps one another. And if you missed the conversation the first time around, all of our Ask the Members discussions are archived on our website, easily searchable for the information you need.

CEdMA is a great community. You can become a part of it. 

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