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What is CEdMA?

CEdMA (Computer Education Management Association) is a not-for-profit association founded in 1991. It is a unique professional association of individuals who manage training organizations in member companies thatproduce technologyproducts.

What is CEdMA's goal?

CEdMA exists to provide a forum for managers and directors of computer education organizations to discuss the many issues in technology training. Addressing the ever-changing dynamics of the technical training industry, our goal is to work together as an organization to shape the future of our industry through information and programs supporting excellence in Education, Training & Learning to the benefit of members, customers, partners, and other employees within member organizations.

Is CEdMA regional, national, or international?

CEdMA is an international organization. Membership in CEdMA allows you to participate in all CEdMA meetings and Conferences held in the United States. CEdMA Europe, our sister organization,was incorporated in September of 1993 and meets regularly. Member companies are continuing to formulate an effective structure in which to operate. Your CEdMA membership also includes your company's ability to benefit from our reciprocal arrangement with CEdMA Europe to participate in one meeting prior to joining in Europe (or in the United States, if your company is a CEdMA Europe member).

How does CEdMA operate?

CEdMA is an all volunteer organization whose Board of Directors is elected from the members to manage the association with input from the membership. Members of the Board serve for two-year terms in order to achieve continuity of strategy and program focus.

Members participate on task forces or special interest focus groups on various topics of their interest.

What are CEdMA task forces?

CEdMA Task forces change over time based upon industry issues and member interest. They are chartered to focus on executing a strategic initiative for CEdMA, with specific goals, objectives, and deliverables. In recent years, successful task forces have included (as a sample):

  • Certified Technical Trainer/Instructor Certification, to formulate industry standard instructor certification requirements and formalize this into a program.
  • Legislative Action, to influence US Legislative language to allow equal opportunity for commercial training companies in educational entitlement processes, resulting in House Bill HR 1617, Section 108.
  • Learning API (LALO-Learning Architecture/Learning Objects), to examine standards for curriculum development, including meta-tagging, in order to facilitate integration of multiple vendors training into custom training products for customers.

What special interest groups (SIGs) does CEdMA have?

SIGs change over time based upon industry issues and trends affecting our members. A SIG is focused on a specific topic area. It is a group of CEdMA members organized by a member to share knowledge and ideas, brainstorm solutions to issues, and help other members grow their knowledge and skills. Recent SIGs have included:

  • Certification SIG--discussing the issues facing education professionals responsible for their organization s high stakes certification
  • E-Learning SIG-- focusing on the concerns of education mangers responsible for deploying and maintaining E-Learning programs
  • Training Metrics and Benchmarking SIG-- identifying key business metrics in relation to different types of training organizations, which help to benchmark against comparable organizations
  • Using Training Partners SIG-- reviewing different models and approaches to leverage training partner for training delivery
  • Selling & MarketingSIG-- defining and evaluating different sales and marketing tools, channels and approaches and their success to drive training activity and sales
  • Curriculum Design and Development SIG– comparing best practices around training design and development, especially selecting key metrics for the curriculum to evaluate effectiveness and quality

Tell me about your national conferences?

CEdMA holds two conferences each year. Typically, we hold one in the spring and another in the fall. The locations vary geographically in order to better serve our membership. For example, one conference may be on the East Coast and the next on the West Coast. In addition to the primary conference site we also offer an alternative secondary location so that members can gather and join the conference via phone and webcast. For current conference information, please refer to the Events box on the home page.

Feedback received from conference evaluations indicates that members find this event extremely valuable. It is an opportunity to exchange ideas with peers in an open environment. As education managers in the IT industry, we all share similar issues. We discuss strategies we have implemented that have been successful, those that have not been so successful, and why. In other words, we freely share "best practices" and members feel this to be one of the most valuable aspects of the conferences.

During the course of the conference we have general sessions which always include a keynote address and "Pulse of the Industry" presentations. Keynote speakers in the past have included Elliot Maisie, renowned in the computer training world, Stan Slap, strategist, and Nancy Lewis, Microsoft Worldwide Training and Education General Manager. Also on the agenda are breakout sessions that sometimes run concurrently. Topics of interest are selected by the membership as part of conference planning and have included: Certification and Testing, Instructor Development, Style Guides, New Learning Technologies, Web-Based Training, Education ROI, Marketing Education Services, LCMS's, Partner Education, and others. Topics vary from conference to conference but are designed to meet the diverse needs of membersranging fromexecutive to junior management positions, as well as for new andlong-time members. Lunch meetings may include "Birds of a Feather", i.e. discussions among education managers who have interests in similar topics or who hold positions in common. In addition, there are both informal social gatherings and a group dinner evening.

How does CEdMA communicate with its members?

The CEdMA web site serves as a major component of the organization s communication routine. The site serves two purposes; to be the public face of CEdMA, and second to be a repository for "member-only" information. Once members log-in to the site they gain access to valuable information such as industry benchmarks and standards, the results of member surveys, new job postings among member companies, and the research findings of special interest groups. CEdMA proactively reaches out to members once a month with a Newsletter publication. The newsletter is e-mailed directly to active members and then archived on the web site.And CEdMA also maintains electronic mail communication lists foractive members, as well as individual electronic mail lists for the Board of Directors and its various committees and special interest groups.

What are the requirements for membership in CEdMA?

Companies eligible for CEdMA membership are hardware or software companies that provide a formal education, training or learning programs that are not the primary source of revenue for the company and that supports the main product(s) of the company and/or supports the internal education, training, and learning needs of their employees.

Individuals eligible for CEdMA membership: first and foremost, the individual must work for a company that meets the CEdMA company eligibility requirements and second, the individual must be in a position, preferably a management position, responsible for education, training, or learning functions.

Are there dues or fees associated with belonging to CEdMA?

Yes. Individual memberships are $195 per person per year. First and foremost, the individual must work for a company that meets the CEdMA company eligibility requirements and second, the individual must be in a position, preferably a management position, responsible for education, training, or learning functions.There is no limit to the number of individual members within a company as long as each individual meets the requirements.

For more information, please link to the Invitation to Join page from the home page and the membership application.

How do I know if I will like or will benefit from your organization?

Try it before you decide to join. You may attend regional meeting or a national conference before you decide to join. Non-Member fees may apply to some events.

May I (or my company) use the CEdMA membership list for sales contacts for my product?

The CEdMA organization encourages the free exchange of ideas among all members. However, unsolicited sales or promotion efforts made by one member company to another are prohibited. While this policy has been understood among members in the past, it is important to mention that a violation of this rule threatens the open environment that is the foundation of CEdMA and therefore cannot be allowed.

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